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As we continue to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak, each of us is dealing with many issues. In our lives and our businesses, we’re facing financial worries, uncertainty, and new challenges each day. The very challenge of living day-to-day has become a struggle for both freelancers and entrepreneurs. How can we save our businesses, and keep our employees? How can we be successful when business is slowing down? These are only a few of the challenges and questions we face in these difficult times.

While each of us continues to meet our current challenges, we must learn how to manage our stress and anxiety. These may seem like impassable mountains, but without taming our stress, it will keep us from finding creative, amazing solutions to the problems in front of us.

Is it possible to manage our mindset and restore a state of clarity? We say yes! Today, we speak with Jeannette Hay, the Overwhelm Coach – Creating Clarity, Focus and Success, who is the author of “Getting Out From Under,” which shows people “how to break free from stress and overwhelm to get the life you have always wanted.

The importance of mindset

Your mindset is the key or bedrock of all your actions, or non-actions, especially during these times of stress and uncertainty that we are all living under right now.

It is actually a personal expression of how you perceive life. The entire world is going through an emotional grieving process of “what once was” and are uncertain of ‘what will be.” The unknown is often stressful.

The good news is, you have a choice to see the world in one of two ways – one where the glass is half empty and the other where the glass is half full. Your point of view is flexible, it is not a rigid thing. If something positive has happened to you, then your viewpoint can become an optimistic viewpoint, one where focus, clarity and success are possible. It is all in how you choose to perceive the information for your life.

You can choose to withdraw and hibernate through these uncertain times we are in right now or you can choose to view it as a golden opportunity for growth and to explore what you really want out of life and set plans in place to manifest that better future.

Your mindset can help you fight stress and anxiety

Your mindset is everything when it comes to fighting stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Your self-created mindset is your personal viewpoint through which you view all things. Think of it as a pair of dark glasses. If you wore them all the time you would think you lived within a very dull, dark world. But once these glasses are removed you can suddenly see bright, happy colours you never knew even existed. It is possible to shift that viewpoint to one where life is viewed from the perspective that one’s glass is more full than empty.

Who and what you listen to and are surrounded by directly influences your mindset. If you are around a toxic person, it is easier to become negative and antagonistic towards life. Whereas if you are around positive people that have good intentions towards you, you will feel empowered and positive about the possibilities you have in your life. The more negative perspective you have, the more stressed, anxious and overwhelmed you will feel.

So, in these grief-stricken times, do what you can to create a happier environment for yourself. What brings a smile to your face and uplifts you emotionally? Is it listening to your favourite music, painting or decorating your space to become a warm relaxing sanctuary or is it playing with pets, kids or reading, etc.? Decide what that is and do more of it. There is always something you can do to enhance the quality of your life. As a result, a positive, healthy mindset is created by action and optimism and stems from actively surrounding yourself with everything and everyone that is pleasing and positive, as much as you can.   Create a vision of what you want your life to be like once this period of time is over. Then take the steps to make that happen.

Going on a pandemic news diet, to avoid the negative news can go a long way towards helping that more positive perspective.

How to set your mindset for success

We can change our mindset into a more positive one of being open and ready for success.

First and foremost, stop listening to the “fear mongers” on the news on how bad things are. They are what they are, and things will run their course – whether you are worried about them or not. Worrying is a negative, life-sucking emotion that has never helped anyone feel better or succeed in life.

What you think mentally translates into a physical reaction. So, if you sit on the couch all day watching TV and not creating or producing anything, there is a strong possibility of this depressing inaction continuing tomorrow that will end up with you feeling depressed and alone.

One key point here is that production is the basis of morale, so get off the couch and do not miss this unique opportunity you have been given to direct your life more towards your real passions and dreams and ultimately to your own success.

About Jeannette Hay and her new book “Getting Out From Under, Breaking Free From Stress And Overwhelm To Get The Life You Have Always Wanted”

She has been a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada Association and the CEO of the Professional Organizing company “Get Me Organized!” for over fourteen years. She has uncluttered people’s physical spaces and simultaneously uncluttered their minds to make way for personal growth and success.

About eight years ago she felt compelled to reach more women to reduce their stress while increasing their productivity and quality of their lives not just through one-on-one sessions, workshops and public speaking, but through a book. The result of which is “Getting Out From Under, Breaking Free From Stress And Overwhelm To Get The Life You Have Always Wanted.” If you want more information about her book go to: 

Her goal is to empower busy women with the ability to reduce their stress and increase their production in their personal or business lives whenever they need it.

In her book, she shares the tools of 4 Simple Words and The Golden Timer. Jeannette did not just want to give a band-aid to the problem of clutter and disorganization, but a solution that works every time you need it. In this book, she discusses the different areas where you can get stuck in the world of clutter, be it physical, mental, or digital and give solutions for each.

If the feelings of being overwhelmed are leaving you feeling exhausted, then her book “Getting Out From Under, Breaking Free From Stress And Overwhelm To Get The Life You Have Always Wanted”, will give you the solutions you have been looking for.

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