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It took me years to recover from a Pulmonary Embolism (Blood Clot that ended up in my lungs). I had to really examine what I could actually do now, despite my physical limitations. I needed to construct a new path for myself.

Simply put, coaching other busy women to live a better less stressful life is what feeds my soul and makes life worth living. In the past I had experienced great success through coaching my clients with one-on-one sessions as a Professional Organizer & Coach. I realized that I could continue to help them, by completing my book and that my life was not over, I could rise!

My book “Getting Out From Under, How To Break Free From Stress And Overwhelm To Get The Life You Have Always Wanted”  has been written to help all those busy women, like you, to help them become empowered and be their own success.

It has been a labour of love and hate that has finally come to life…

In This Book You Will Discover What Steps To Take To Make Your Dreams Come True:

  1. Gain tried, tested and dependable solutions on how to handle stress and overwhelm.
  2. Find out what exact action steps you can take immediately to fuel your dreams.
  3. Learn how to create time you to enjoy those people that have meaning in my life.
  4. Discover what is stopping you from feeling more confident whole, and free.
  5. Become empowered to manage your life more efficiently.
  6. Increase your focus and clarity without also increasing your stress level.

Buy “Getting Out From Under, How To Break Free From Stress And Overwhelm To Get The Life You Have Always Wanted” and start your journey of increased focus, clarity with less stress and overwhelm.

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