So what is in it for you when you are coached?

You will transition into a more self-confident and empowered you. Expand beyond your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Reduce your stress level and discover how to be more productive by having a simpler, easier game plan.

By being coached, you will gain focus, clarity and peace of mind learning to use a set of time proven techniques, tips and systems that will help you successfully reach your goal.

For those of you who want faster results to finally get out from under your own restrictive situations,  I work with you in one-on-one confidential sessions. You decide if you want the sessions, in person or through the use of video conferencing at previously agreed time slots.

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What coaching clients have to say about Jeannette

“My summer goals are 90% complete. Thanks so much you taught me how to get unstuck!
No more overwhelming feelings of panic.
Enjoy the rest of the summer.”
Pam Tishler

“I have worked with Jeannette Hay for about 8 years now and she has always brought structure and simplicity into my life. When I get overwhelmed, she gives me great advice that gets me back on track. When I have goals to accomplish, she is there for me, guiding me and encouraging me. I can truly recommend her as a coach and as a sounding board. She is always there to help me find my road map again and set me back on course when things get too busy and unclear. Thanks Jeannette for all your help and looking forward to more of your great advice going forward!”
Anita Colussi-Zanon, Author, “The Books of Light: Angelic Peace and Healing”, Angelic Intuitive, Spiritual Coach, Co-Founder of Align and Clear woman’s working group,

A Managers Rescue:
“When things take off with work it is a glorious thing but can also be overwhelming. Last thing you want to do is slow it down. That’s where Get Me organized comes in.”
Betty Hynes, Communications Dir. Crossroad Mgmt.

“Praise for Jeannette Hay. Over the last several years, Jeannette has been instrumental in getting my home and office organized and in a very zen place, making the rest of my busy life a much more peaceful place. She’s a true treasure.”
Bobbi Benson, Financial Manager

“With her great system and through a simple process Jeanette developed, not only helped me to reduce my paper mess and organize my space but also how to keep it organized. It had a significant impact on my mental and physical health. Also, as a result of having a more organized, spacious and beautiful space I was able to bring in a tenant and increase my income. Thank you, Jeannette, for all your help, you are great!”
Mandana Attarzadeh, Author, 2020 recipient of the “Woman of Worth Award” from International Women Achievers Award, Speaker and Women’s empowerment coach, Toronto, Ontario \

“My time with Jeannette was invaluable…when you are running a small business you have little time to organize so getting Jeannette to help me was the best decision for getting it done! I use all the things she taught me each and every day and I have more room in my head for creative thoughts and planning now that Jeannette “GOT ME ORGANIZED” Thanks Jeanette for everything…especially my new color-coded filing it is soooo beautiful!”
Enza Tiberi-Checchia, Mental Health Advocate, Speaker & Founder – Mi
Chief Visionary Officer & Co-Founder – Hats on for

“Wow. Thanks so much for bringing to life my most favourite poem, a line of which is now my personal mind movie and mantra. “I am the Captain of my ship, the master of my fate”. You made it so simple with The Golden Timer, which was truly a wakeup call for me and the 4 Simple Words reduced my stress immensely.”
Helen Goodman, Financial Coach, Real Estate Investor

“The Golden Timer is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and like a loaf of bread, you eat it one bite at a time.”
Jeannette coached me through two major “get out from under” projects. One to declutter my house, to get ready for a renovation and the other my office. Jeannette’s organizational skills, compassion without pity and a calm let’s do this attitude brought both projects to timely conclusions. One of the best, of many techniques, she gave me was The Golden (10 minute) Timer. I still use it to this day. How do you “get out from under”? It’s amazing what you can get done one 10 minute slice at a Golden Time!”
Janet Wilcox, Author, Past President and Founder of Stardate Projects Inc.

“Working with Jeannette has changed the way I manage my business. Her advice, and practical ideas and plans have made the day to day management so much easier. She has showed me how to organize my staff, my paperwork, and my management team. Her term “predictability creates simplicity” has truly made a difference in my life. Thank you for allowing me to take a step back and look at the big picture, and helping me to get out of my own head so I am better equipped to deal with the challenges of being self employed. I highly recommend her services.”
Karen Marth, CEO & Owner of Core Cleaning

“Whenever I am starting to feel things are getting to be too much and I am starting to feel overwhelmed, I hear your voice in my head. You say, “Ask yourself what can you make more predictable with what you are doing now and then implement that.” So, I do that and things start to feel better and my anxiety reduces.”
Kleo Tobias, Fiber Art Educator and Presenter

“Since my goal was to set up processes by which I make all things efficient, thereby freeing up more time in my working day to then do my volunteer work, an important part of my balanced existence, Jeannette got me going on the right path. As quoted by Alvin Toffler, “…you’ve got to think about the big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction”. Jeannette Hay has helped me to set up the processes for the small things, so that I will have free time to think about those big things.”
Liz Couture

Recently, I hired Jeannette to help me with an organizing project. To be honest, papers and boxes had piled up over the years and I was always procrastinating doing something about the clutter. Jeanette was a breath of fresh air in her calm and no-nonsense approach to tackling my neglected organizing tasks. I would highly recommend Jeannette’s services to anyone with an organizing project. She will help get the job done and it will improve your whole outlook on life to have more order in it. I really appreciate her support and care. Thanks Jeannette!
Melanie Dickson-Smith, Owner Upbeat Piano Studio Inc.

“Jeannette’s knowledge and expertise is much appreciated in reorganizing our company structure. Just after a couple of meetings the organizational chart took shape, the way I want it. Her 4 Simple Words system and the use of the Golden Timer have really helped to make things less stressful. She is very professional and caring, ensured that I do not go down the time wasting rabbit-hole so I can focus now towards reaching my goals!”
Naveed Hyder, Founder & Principal Designer,